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Carbon and Its Compounds Class 10 Science Activity based Questions with answer


Q. What happen when few drops of alkaline KmNO4 added to Ethanol? Ans: In the begging color of KmNO4 disappear. When excess KmNO4 is dissolved in solution colour cannot disappear because whole Ethanol gets oxidized into Ethanoic acid. CH3CH2OH         —- KmNO4——Heat——->         CH3COOH Hence, alkaline KmNO4 or Acidified K2Cr2O7 oxidized alcohol into ethanoic acid Ethanol is …

Metal and Non-Metals Class 10


CBSE NCERT Notes X Metals And Non-metals Read Download 10 Science Notes Oxidation and Reduction Read Download Chemistry 10 Corrosion rusting rancidity oxidation Read Download Metal and Non-Metals previous year Board Questions Read Download Science Class-10 Chapter 3 Metal and Non-metals CBSE Paper Read Download Science Class-10 Chapter 3 Metal and Non-metals CBSE Paper Read Download Science …

Class 10 Science Chemical reactions and equations


10th Ch.1 Chemical reactions and equations key consents Download x chemical reactions and equations ncert solution Download Chemical reactions and equations Activity Based Question 10th Chemistry Download  CBSE X Chemical Reaction and Equation Extra marks questions answers Download X Chemical Reactions and Chemical Equation: Evaluation Assignments Download X Formative assessments Chemical reaction and equations Download …

class 10 science periodic classification of elements


class 10 science periodic Classification of Elements NCERT Notes For Class 10 Classification means identifying similar species and grouping them together. Lavoisier divided elements into two main types known as metals and non-metals. Doberiner’s Law of Triads: According to this law, “in certain triads (grout) of three elements) the atomic mass of the central element …

Source of energy Paper Class 10 Science


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